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Some time ago I gave bloodherb to Wyda and instead of having "witch broom" I get regular one. If you try to buy broom in venore you actually get witches broom.

15:59 You see a witches broom.
It weighs 11.0 oz.

Regular one thrown away because thought witches broom doesnt exist in this tibia...

Please change it and give me my witches broom plox
Posted 2 years ago by unknown Quote
If I move diagonally between trees or other objects on the map then I can't use runes on myself or monsters for a short period of time.

Also, when I am pushed diagonally by another player I can't UH myself for several seconds.

If I move diagonally with arrow keys on open ground I don't get this problem.

Any idea how to fix this?
Posted 2 years ago by Kvothen (114 Scout of Destiny) Quote
I think skinning sandskull spiders are bugged cause I killed 162 on task without getting a single item when skinning can you check it?
Posted 2 years ago by Itron (346 Ranger of Pendulum) Quote

I just did - it is working fine :) However, the chance is really low and therefore you might need to kill a bit more to get an ancient rune.
Posted 2 years ago by Iryont (40 None of Legacy) Quote
u can regen mana in this 3x3 square zone at the east of the dp of ank it seems unfair since if u go there to pk someone u get trap and runemakers can use that spot easily to make runes
Posted 2 years ago by Jona (36 Sorcerer of Legacy) Quote
Each of the "watchtower" monks, and the "kitchen" monk that spawns inside the closed door in Isle of the Kings library spawn very strangely. I noticed an (within 1 or 2 minutes) hour and 25 minute long respawn timer. Surely this isn't intentional?
Posted 2 years ago by unknown Quote
Iryont.. Hello
Me and other 2 rooks found a bug with a npc.
I sent it for e-mail for

We are waiting answers!

Is this a bug? We love RPG and need to know =D Maybe this have a reason... (;
Posted 2 years ago by Croix (34 None of Destiny) Quote
You are able to put an entire bonebeast in your backpack and it weighs 0 oz.
Posted 2 years ago by Thaddok (139 Warrior of Legacy) Quote
ThaddokYou are able to put an entire bonebeast in your backpack and it weighs 0 oz.

Lay off the steroids! Haha
Posted 2 years ago by Skalth (156 Knight of Destiny) Quote
So today i went to the fire axe quest with a friend and i decided to try skin the skeleton for the laughs, turns out you can skin it and then you cannot open it for the f axe
Posted 2 years ago by Lean (118 Sorcerer of Legacy) Quote
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