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Keroeeork Last post 1 day ago by unknown 1 Replies
Intellectuele Last post 2 days ago by Intellectuele (32 Archmage of Legacy) 0 Replies
unknown Last post 3 days ago by unknown 0 Replies
Kordian Last post 6 days ago by Kordian (128 Knight of Legacy) 0 Replies
Belgarth Last post 4 weeks ago by Karliaah (410 Knight of Legacy) 1 Replies
Devil Last post 8 months ago by Devil (151 Knight of Prophecy) 0 Replies
Saelvas Saelvius Last post 8 months ago by Reluwar (81 Sorcerer of Legacy) 7 Replies
Shinra Last post 9 months ago by Friiko (364 Ranger of Pendulum) 1 Replies
Brujeria Last post 9 months ago by Brujeria (226 Archmage of Destiny) 0 Replies
Henry Morgan Last post 10 months ago by Kopek (198 Ranger of Legacy) 1 Replies
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