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Noexist Last post 16 hours ago by Noexist (138 Warrior of Legacy) 0 Replies
Yabu Last post 1 day ago by Yabu (173 Knight of Pendulum) 1 Replies
Tanathox Last post 2 days ago by Tanathox (254 Archmage of Legacy) 0 Replies
Gio Last post 3 days ago by Skun Thc (20 Scout of Legacy) 2 Replies
Itsa Journeyman Last post 4 days ago by Itsa Journeyman (8 Cleric of Legacy) 0 Replies
Dementia Last post 4 days ago by Dementia (145 Knight of Purity) 0 Replies
Balder Queen Last post 5 days ago by Balder Queen (302 Knight of Legacy) 0 Replies
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Azbestowy Pies Last post 5 days ago by Seijuro Hiko (244 Knight of Prophecy) 61 Replies
Gentleman Last post 6 days ago by Gentleman (63 Knight of Pendulum) 0 Replies
Jorge Masvidal Last post 6 days ago by Jorge Masvidal (141 Knight of Destiny) 0 Replies
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